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OCS Photos & Misc Photos

Below are photos that have been submitted by our members.  Enjoy!

55th OCS Graduation Information

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OCS Echo Co 1st Platoon

OCS Echo Co. 2nd Platoon


OCS Echo Co.3rd Platoon


OCS Fox Co. 1st Platoon


OCS Fox Co. 2nd Platoon


OCS Fox Co. 3rd Platoon


55th Platoon


The 4 Amigos


 Gary Drake- Current Family (Family in Grand Canyon, 2009)


 Timothy McGrath- Son Timothy John and Daughter Erin (2010)

Timothy McGrath- Kilo Company 1969

Timothy McGrath- Daughters Kerry, Erin & Shannon (2010)

Timothy McGrath- recent photo (2010)

Rick Marsh- Fort Belovoir O Club invaded by TBS Marines

RIck Marsh- China Beach, drinking contest with Company Gunny.

Rick Marsh- Resupply, "Once in Vietnam, I soon realized how good our Quatico training was"

Rick Marsh- Relaxing at LZ Ross

Rick Marsh- Thanksgiving 1969, dinner to Bravo 1/7 Arizona Territory

Rick Marsh- Christmas in the bush, 1969

Rick Marsh- 2nd Lt Richard Marsh, 3rd platoon commander, Bravo 1/7

Rick Marsh- Home Sweet Home- in teh Arizona Territory with Bravo 1/7

Rick Marsh- Stars & Stripes article

Rick Marsh- USNH Guam- Lt Dick Lewis & Rick Marsh- wounded during the NVA attack on LZ Ross in Jan 1970

Steve Palmer- Howitzer

 Steve Palmer- General George S Brown- to the left of the photo, holding a 4.2

Steve Palmer- DTT for MIFASS

Steve Palmer- Son (Scott) and me

Donald Bibb - Church Bell Villagers, Vietnames priest chaplin Visocky

Donald Bibb - Church bell with priest- civic affairs coordinated donation

 Ruffner Alexander- The "Ruff" Riders

Carl Baker - Mess Night

Carl Baker- O Course

Carl Baker - RUFF Alexander

Carl Baker - Training Village

Thomas Young - Getting mail made your day.

Thomas Young - Holiday Best Wishes

Jack McClanahan - Marine Picture RVN

Jack McClanahan - Jacks hobby picture

Jack McClanahan - Jacks hunting buddy

Jack McClanahan- Jack as a young marine

Donald Bibb - Traveling Wall

Donald Bibb - Hawaii R & R

Michelle Griffiths- Chambliss Indian Head 1999

Michelle Griffiths- Cutting Cake Indian Head 1998

Carl Baker- Amphibious Training

Carl Baker- Amphibious Training-2

Carl Baker- Baker Tank School

Carl Baker- Baker TBS

Carl Baker - Beaman Acord Brandt TBS

Carl Baker- Landing Craft

Henry Narvaez - Da Nang - 1970

Henry Narvaez - Da Nang - 1970 - 2

Henry Narvaez - Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez - Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez -  Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez - Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez - Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez - Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez - Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez - Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez - Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez - Vietnam 1970

Henry Narvaez -Lt Hank Narvaez, Lt John Nowli- Da Nang 1970

Henry Narvaez- Lt Hank Narvaez, Lt John Graham- Da Nang -1970

Henry Narvaez- Lt Hank Narvaez, Lt Puida

Henry Narvaez-  An Hoa Combat Base 1970

Larry Hayden - Bhu Bai area

Larry Hayden - Bhu Bai area

Larry Hayden - JJ Graham

Larry Hayden - Basic Communications Officer Cours

Larry Hayden- Award

Larry Hayden - OCS

Larry Hayden - Larry & Lt Leaf

Tom O'Reilly- Outside HDQ at An Hoa Combat Base


Tom O'Reilly - Kids from orphanage outside DaNang

Tom O'Reilly, Family- wife Kay, daughter Megan in San Francisco Bay, Aug 2009

Henry Narvaez - 2nd Lt. Narvaez - Jan 1970

Henry Narvaez, 1969

Tom O'Reilly - DaNang- Vietnamese interpreters

Tom O'Reilly - Basic School Graduation

Tom O'Reilly - OCS Graduation Day

Michelle Griffiths- Don & Cheryl Bibb w/brother Darryl Parmenter

Donald Bibb - USMC Birthday 1969- Nov 69 Hill 55 RVN

Donald Bibb - Bibb family (May 2000) Adam, Amy, Cheryl & Don

Donald Bibb- Don and Amy (daughter) Whitaker

Donald Bibb - Don & Adam (son) Bibb

John Coulson - Coulson Family

John Nowlin

John Nowlin - March 1969

John Nowlin - Apr 1969

John Nowlin- Apr 1969

John Nowlin

John Nowlin- Apr 1969

John Nowlin- Apr 1969

John Nowlin- May 1969

John Nowlin- May 1969

John Nowlin - May 1969

John Nowlin- May 1969

John Nowlin- May 1969

John Nowlin- May 1969

John Nowlin- Mar 1969

John Nowlin- Mar 1969


John Nowlin- Mar 1969

John Nowlin- Nov 1968

John Nowlin- Nov 1968

John Nowlin

John Nowlin- Apr 1969

John Nowlin

John Nowlin- May 1969

Carl Baker - Baker & Alexander Basic School

Carl Baker - Baker & Beamon Basic School

Carl Baker - 2010

Rick Marsh - USMC Museum


Rick Marsh - Poster donated to museum- Vietman poster

Carl Baker - Basic School (Bann Beaghler & Beamon Basic School)

Carl Baker - Baker & General Ray Davis Saigon

Carl Baker - Baker & Friend (Saigon)

Bucky Peterson - Lt Peterson & Capt Zini

Alec Wren - 4 buddies

 Alec Wren -Taxi from USS Vancouver to mountain top training

Alec Wren - Bruce Lyons tank (perhaps Philippines)

Alec Wren -  FDC Hill 34 Alec in center

Alec Wren- Hill 65

Alec Wren - Alec Wren, Walt Strandring, Capt Stiles, Ivan Opperman

Alec Wren -Family- Nathan Fire Chief, Chase, Kathy ,Alec, Andy (Charlotte police)

Alec Wren - Alec & Kathy - no trace camping White Rim Trail

Alec Wren - Alec & Kathy on bottom step

Alec Wren - Alec & Kathy on the bow

Alec Wren - Christmastime in NY

Bucky Peterson - Bucky Peterson on Baghdad 2003

John Coulson - Family -John, Susan, Son's J.R. & Alex


John Moughan - John, Gina, Gina &  Zach

Eric Steinbaugh - Lt Holloway

Eric Steinbaugh - Lt Livingston

Eric Steinbaugh - Lt Steinbaugh

Eric Steinbaugh - Toast


Thomas Young - Tom Young

Michael Mele - John Mestepey & Mike Mele on the way to Vietnam Jul 1969

John Moughan - Langdon & friend, RVN


John Moughan - JVN 3

John Moughan - JVN 2

John Moughan - JTBS 2


John Moughan - John & wife Gina

John Moughan - JAFG

John Moughan -  Moughan RVN, Dong MA MT, Reflectin


Donald Bibb - Stamper & Bibb Reunited\


Donald Bibb - Stamper & Bibbs Ft Still 1969


Donald Bibb - Stamper & Bibb lunch - Jan 2009


Peter Hanly - Platoon picture


Donal Bibb- Louis Cookley & Bibb - OCS Echo 1 after graduation

Donald Bibb - Reunite after 40 years Bibb & Stamper- then and now

Jerry Spencer - Judge Wayne Salvant

Michael Kloberdanz - TBS Class 7-69, Golf Company, Third Platoon

Michael Kloberdanz - Mike Kloberdanz & Russ Nicosia

 Thomas Hebert- Vicinty of Danag, Vietnam 1970

Thomas Hebert - Tom and Bob Hefner meet in Vietnam, 1970


William Fenner - Charlier Teevan & Bill Fenner - MCRD SanDiego 2006

Jerry Spencer - Marker in Boise ID- Ray Tripichio located this marker in a cemetery in Boise.  Our roster shows a S.H. Livingston

Donald Bibb - 2009 & 1969


Richard Chambliss - Faculty photo for Florida State College at Jacksonville

Jerry Spencer - Firewatch

Jerry Spencer - Photo of Dick Shepard that Paul Grundman took when he bumped into him in the Arizona.  Both in artillery.

Jerry Spencer - OCS Photo- Nov 1968


Jerry Spencer - Miami Oct 2009 (Hopkins, Spencer, Rutherford, Parmenter, Mestepey


James Fox - USMC Boot

Ray Tripicchio (Tripp)

Donald Bibb- Conner in Vietnam - Photo Nov 69 from TBS 1st Platoon

Donald Bibb - Beagler at TBS - Spring of 1969

Donald Bibb - Benson & Adkisson TBS


Donald Bibb- Ron Acord at TBS

Donald Bibb - OSC Barracks ECHO

Donald Bibb - OCS Graduation - Bibb on left

Jerry Spencer - Love Fest - Henry Narvaez (left), John Mestepey (center) & Mike Mele (Right)

Charles Rutherford - Charlie Rutherford

Michelle Griffiths

Michelle Griffiths - Darryl Parmenter

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